What Happens When You Start Drinking Alkaline Water? Short-Term & Long-Term Effects

You may have heard Alkaline water praised as a miracle solution to your woes as it is circulating the internet like crazy, but have do you know the long-term & short-term effects of drinking Alkaline water??

In this post, we’ll see what actually happens when you start drinking Alkaline Ionized Water.

Water is the essence of our life, and drinking about 2 litres of water daily can keep our body hydrated and healthy. According to the WHO Guidelines for Drinking Water, an adult should drink approximately 2 litres of water, but it can vary according to climate, activity level, and diet. These estimations not only include water but, also fluids from beverages, like teas and juice, and from food.

study on older, healthy men reported that even mild dehydration can reduce physical performance. It showed that just a 1 percent loss of body water reduced their muscle strength, power, and endurance. However, when the water is adulterated, whether you drink it or not does makes any difference. You might think that water is water, right?? But ask yourself this question, and if you do not have the answer, you should definitely start thinking about your health now- When you think about what to put in your body, you choose the best-quality foods like organic or fresh produce; why shouldn’t you do the same with water?

You do not have to go for a fancy specialized diet or anything, either opt for a pretty simple approach to health and nutrition and start drinking Alkaline water. This mineral-infused, higher-pH water will make all your health goals come true, from improved digestion to quicker recovery times post-workout to better healthy skin. Alkaline water is basically water that could have positive effects on your overall wellness.

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Now that we have cleared the facts about Alkaline water, let’s see what you can expect when you switch to Alkaline water.

Short-Term Effects of Drinking Alkaline Water:

All those advertisements that you saw in the magazines that promise the result in six weeks have raised our expectations about the results, and now we don’t want to wait for weeks and weeks until we see that promised change. But don’t worry, switching to Alkaline water is different- you will experience some major health benefits almost right away. Here are those benefits:

  • The first & foremost thing you will experience is ultra-effective hydration, which is very important for the physical health of the human body.
  • Alkaline water is micro-clustered hydrogen molecules, and so it is absorbed by our cells easily and thus gives you more energy and so it the preferred choice of athletes.
  • One of the main Alkaline water benefits includes antioxidant propertiesand that guard our body from free radicals.

Long-Term Effects of Drinking Alkaline Water

Good things come to those who wait, right?? There are countless other Alkaline water benefits that you will experience after drinking Alkaline water regularly. Here are some long-term health benefits of drinking Alkaline water:

  • Drinking Alkaline water regularly will make your skin glow as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, or wrinkled skin- all these skin problems are caused by the excess amount of acid in our body. And once the acid level drops, all these problems slowly start to deteriorate. Your skin will appear more hydrated, clearer & glow-ier and will reduce the signs of aging.
  • Most people nowadays have acid reflux, and that can be the root of many gastrointestinal problems. Alkaline water will boost the production of good acid & that will eliminate your acid reflux problems.
  • Health experts claim that our bodies are acidic in the middle of the night, and if you’re not alkalizing your body daily, the acid will keep you up and prevent you from getting a night of healthy, deep sleep. Moreover, minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium bicarbonate, and magnesium are very calming to your nerve system and the most powerful neutralizer of acid, which you can find in Alkaline water.
  • Being overweight is caused by excessive acid. So, drinking Alkaline water & maintaining the pH level of your body will help you achieve your weight loss goal.
  • Your body steals calcium from the bones to neutralize acid, and it steals minerals from your mouth, leaving you vulnerable to tooth and gum decay. So, after you drink Alkaline water for few months, you will healthy teeth and gums.

How do You Know You’re Getting the Best Quality Water Ionizer?

After conceding all these benefits of Alkaline water, when you go out in the market to buy an Alkaline water ionizer, you may get confused by seeing so many purifiers. So, you must know which one is the authentic and the most advanced Alkaline water purifier in the market.

One simple way to examine the quality of water ionizers is to compare the water’s antioxidant levels per Unit of PH. The other thing you can see is the technology, like the Japanese technology used by Fujiiryoki is one of the most advanced technologies used in the water purifier in the market.

Did you know that in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, water ionizers are considered medical devices? Fujiiryokiis a Japanese brand and its products are JFDA certified Medical devices.

Keep all these things in mind while looking for an Alkaline water ionizer, and you will know if the product is the best ionizer or not.

For more details about Fujiiryoki’s Alkaline water ionizerget in touch with us today.