Alkaline Ionized Water Health Benefits- Enhanced Hydration Through Micro-clustered Water

The ionization process conducted by the Alkaline Water Ionizer breaks the electrical bonding of water molecules; reducing the size of the molecules to 5-6 molecules per cluster. The micro-clustered water is absorbed easily into the cells, providing enhanced and faster hydration than conventional water.

Improved Brain
Improved Brain Functioning and Mental Clarity
Faster Healing Abilities
Super Hydrating
Highly Detoxifying

Highly Antioxidant Water that Acts against Ageing

The negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) value of the Hydrogen Plus alkaline Ionized water helps in neutralizing and flushing out free radicals from the body, preventing their harmful effects on the skin. Hydrogen Plus  Alkaline Ionized water is highly antioxidant with Dissolved Hydrogen and Negative ORP value upto -650 mv. This property caters to numerous body and skin benefits.

Slows Down Ageing
Prevents Hair Loss
Reduces Body Weight
Manages Blood-Sugar Levels
Enhances Skin Glow
Increases Bone Strength
Boosts Immunity and Energy

Increased pH Value of Water that Balances the Acidic Elements in your Body

The Alkaline Water Ionizer removes harmful elements and impurities from water and then electrolyses the purified water to separate its acidic and alkaline components. Which means; increased pH value or higher alkaline components in the water! This helps in balancing/neutralising the acidic elements in your body as well as flushing out the acidic waste. Thus improving and smoothening overall gastrointestinal functions.

Improves Digestion
Combats Stomach Ailments
Gastrointestinal Functions
Smoothens Gastrointestinal Functions
Enhances Metabolism
Cleanses Colon Movements

Avail best suitable water for daily health and hygiene management

Purified Water

Purified Water
For taking medicines and including in milk preparations

Acidic Water

Acidic Water
For washing face as it tightens the skin

Sanitised Water

Sanitised Water
For cleaning and sterilising tableware, floors, kitchen, and bathrooms

Strong Alkaline

Strong Alkaline Hydrogen Water with pH 10.5
For detoxifying yourself and washing vegetables to remove harsh taste

Alkaline Hydrogen

Alkaline Hydrogen Water with pH 9.5
For cooking purposes to improve taste