Many rumours are circling around the internet about how Alkaline water is beneficial for cancer patients and for cancer prevention, but not many people know the whole truth.

This theory is based on the claim that cancer cell grows in the acidic environment and the tissue surrounding cancerous cells are also acidic. And Alkaline water can help in eliminating that factor, making it impossible for cancer cells to grow.

There are many misconceptions about Alkaline water on the internet, which we tried to debunk; check it out.

Let’s dive right in and see whether Alkaline water can really help in preventing or curing cancer because there is no harm in knowing the facts, right?

What is Alkaline Ionized Water??

In literal terms, Alkalinity refers to the pH level of the water. The ph. level is measured on a 14-point scale, where pH level 1 is highly acidic and 14 is highly Alkaline. A pH level of 7 is considered to be neutral.

The ideal pH level of drinking Alkaline water is between 8 to 9. It is believed that drinking Alkaline water can neutralize the acid in your bloodstream and eliminates many life-threatening diseases like cancer and arthritis.

Alkaline water is considered to be pure water as it consists of alkaline minerals and negative Oxidation-Reduction Potential.

Can Alkaline Ionized Water Really Prevent Cancer??

Hydrogen Plus Alkaline Ionized water may not directly prevent cancer, but it helps in reducing the risk of having cancer.

We know that cancer is a controversial subject that no one is claiming to master over. But let’s check all the facts and see how Hydrogen Plus Alkaline Ionized water can reduce the risk of cancer.

Studies suggest that the human body is self-sufficient in maintaining the Alkalinity in the body, but our lifestyle choices and diet can negatively affect it. And we all know how mineral-rich our pizzas and burgers are, right?? Because of these choices, the body loses its tendency towards acidification, which is the main reason behind cancer growth.

Water is the only substance that circulates all around the body almost instantly after entering the body, and Alkaline water is micro-clustered & full of anti-oxidants, which is easily absorbed in the body. And that helps in maintaining the pH level in the body.

There are no solid proofs that Alkaline water helps in defeating cancer, but see all the above fact it is safe to say that, Alkalizing the body is the first step in beating it.

You should not wait till you are diagnosed with cancer to take the precautions; start today because ‘Prevention is Better than Cure,’ right?

Check out all the other Alkaline water health benefits.

Fujiiryoki’s Hydrogen Plus Alkaline Water Ionizer

Now that we all know that water is essential for our body to function normally and efficiently because of all the minerals present in it. But the water purifiers we use today eliminate all the essential minerals from the water, making it bland.

On the other hand, drinking Alkaline Ionized water is incorporated with all the necessary minerals. The best source of Alkaline water is installing an Alkaline water generator at home. You can carry a bottle full of Alkaline water everywhere you go.

It will be like 24/7 medical care in your bad, which will tend to each and every cell of the body to escape whatever disease might be lurking in the corner.

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Fujiiryoki’s Alkaline water generators are designed to provide you the purest water filled with minerals. Both of our models- HWP55 & HWP77 are the best water purification solution.

Here are some of the other notable features of Fujiiryoki’s alkaline water generators:

  • Set the pH level according to your requirement.
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