Acid may be a necessity, especially within the stomach wherein it’s required to break and digest food. However, certain foods are acidic in nature, and over consumption of such foods can increase acidity within the stomach, resulting in various problems. Alkaline water has higher pH level than normal potable, and is supposed to induce a basic nature within the body. This water is formed of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. It’s said that alkaline water helps in maintaining the pH balance within the stomach.

The idea that alkaline water promotes health benefits has been around for many years. Considering its value addition to our lives and body, alkaline water is additionally promoted as a performance -enhancing sports drink.

What does alkaline water do?

Here are some pointers about alkaline water –

Contains ample amount of antioxidants

Free radicals from pollution, smoking and other toxic sources are neutralised by antioxidants and this water could be a good source to get these antioxidants.

A source of detoxification

Acidic wastes are accumulated in our body which are nothing but toxins. Alkaline water helps to flush these toxins out of your body, which facilitates cleansing of the whole system. Some people may experience health benefits just by staying hydrated. While many choose to keep the track of water consumed. But rather than keeping track of your water drinking habits for staying hydrated all day, why not shift to Alkaline water that hydrates better than conventional water?! It’s a no brainer, because Alkaline keeps you going.

Introducing the alkaline water ionizer!

HWP 55

A quintessential health and lifestyle appliance from Japan which generates 4 types of water bringing the everyday health wellness at your fingertip.

  1. Alkaline ionized water
  2. Purified water
  3. Acidic water
  4. Sanitized water

Displays Hydrogen Level

The HWP-55 displays the hydrogen level in a manner that is easy to understand when the “Switch Display” button is pressed. Fun fact: There are 6 levels of hydrogen in water!

Displays Hydrogen Level

“H2” (hydrogen plus) button (HWP – 77)

If the pH of your water doesn’t increase easily, you can press the ‘H2’ button in HWP-77 to change the pH to the one suitable for the purpose. By pressing the ‘H2’ button, the amount of dissolved hydrogen increases up to 20%.

H2 Button

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