We at Fujiiryoki India believe that the protection of the personal information of our customers is fundamental to our business activity and one of our social obligations as a corporation.

In accordance with the policies described below. we comply with the relevant laws and ordinances concerning the protection of personal information and the guidelines established by the Japan Medical Device Industry Executives Association.

We hereby disclose our privacy policy in order to better build a relationship of trust with our customers.

1.Compliance with relevant laws and ordinances

Fujiiryoki India complies with the relevant Indian laws and ordinances in relation to the handling of the personal information of our customers.

2.Information usage and purposes

Fujiiryoki India will only use the personal information of our customers for the achievement of the purposes described below.
We will never use your personal information for other purposes.

  • ・acceptance/receipt of applications for Fujiiryoki merchandise, the delivery of orders, the billing/settlement of costs and expenses
  • ・dealing with inquiries/consultation concerning Fujiiryoki merchandise, handling repair, support and maintenance
  • ・after service of Fujiiryoki merchandise
  • ・the issuance of warranty certificates of Fujiiryoki merchandise, provision of in-warranty repairs/services, after-warranty after service
  • ・provision of after service, and operation and maintenance of contracts for Fujiiryoki and affliated company merchandise
  • ・provision of information regarding business affairs, administrational management, market research, research and development of products and services
  • ・reaching decisions concerning credit limits, management of credit limits
  • ・reaching decisions concerning employment of employees, management of human resources

●Warranty Certificate

The information contained in duplicates and copies of warranty certificates may be used for the provision of in-warranty repairs and services and after-warranty after service activities.


Fujiiryoki will take responsibility and control and manage the personal information received from customers for use only in replying to customers. Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties nor used for other purposes.

3.Methods of acquiring personal information

We will acquire personal information primarily from application forms and contracts.

We may also acquire personal information through questionnaires and campaigns via postcards and the internet.

Personal information will be acquired through methods deemed suitable and in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and other relevant laws and ordinances.

4.Provision of personal information to third parties

Fujiiryoki will never disclose personal information to third parties other than in the following circumstances:

  • ・in situations where prior consent is received from the customer
  • ・in situations where required by law or other legal reasons
  • ・in situations where required to protect one’s life, body, or property and where obtaining the consent of the customer is difficult
  • ・in situations where the handling of personal information is consgined and in the scope necessary for the achievement of the prescribed purposes described above.
  • ・in situations where a business or company are merged, split, or transferred.

5.Disclosure requests from customers

Fujiiryoki will accomodate the following situations 1) requests for disclosure; 2) requests for notification regarding purpose of use; 3) requests for revision; 4) requests for addition; 5) deletion requests; 6) suspension of usage, or the suspension of provision to third parties.

However we will be obligated to charge for request situations 1) and 2).

6.Implementation of safety measures

Fujiiryoki will implement adequate safety measures to prevent the leakage, falsification, and loss of personal information.

7.Product Return and Refund Policy

Fujiiryoki India will take back sold products (sales return) only when there is any manufacturing defect. in that case, payment will refund in the same mode of payment/account/person or customer suggested as written within 5-7 working days from the product received.

8.Continuous improvement

Fujiiryoki will, through periodic audits, always strive for ways to continously improve in regards to the handling of personal information.

9.Digital Information Disclosure

Fujiiryoki uses cookies to collect customer browsing data. Fujiiryoki will disclose the purpose of use, collection and processing mechanism.

●Usage of Google Analytics on this website.

Fujiiryoki will collect access information to the website via Google Analytics (https://developers.google.com/analytics). The terms of service of Google Analytics is shown on this page (https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/terms/us/). Fujiiryoki will collect information of user using Cookie provided by Google but does not acquire information to identify individuals. Collected data is managed based on privacy policy of Google Corporation by the use of Google Analytics. The privacy policy of Google Analytics is shown in this page (https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en-US)

●Information about the cookies used when you visit this website.

Cookies are used on this website to statistically identify browsing, display the best site to customers, and deliver advertisements.We cannot obtain information that can identify an individual by cookies.In addition, customers can reject or delete cookies from the browser settings. If rejected, restrictions may occur, such as not being able to use all or part of the services on this website.

Terms of Use

We have experienced cases where our company logo and product photos have been used on a commercial basis without permission.

Hence we ask for your understanding regarding the below.

About a link to our website

The link to our website is free as a general rule. It is unnecessary to contact us when linking. When posting the link, please specify that it is the website of FUJIIRYOKI INDIA (fujiiryoki.in) (Vinayak Junction Private limited Ltd.).

However, the following links are strictly prohibited.

  • ・Any links from sites which slandering our company and/or our products, or are defamatory in nature
  • ・Any links from sites which are offensive to public order and morals, or damage our credibility and dignity
  • ・Any links from sites using frames, or other methods to obscure the origin of the content
  • ・Any links which are misleading concerning possible co-operation
  • ・Any other links judged to be of an inappropriate nature

Regarding Copyright

  • The copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights of the corporate mark, trademarks, product pictures, operation pictures, images, articles, music, program data and other information(called [data]) published on www.fujiiryoki.in belong to Fujiiryoki and its affiliated companies as well as cooperative companies (herein referred to as [Fujiiryoki]) as well as rights holders who approved use to Fujiiryoki.
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  • We will not recognise any changes or distribution and the like, even for personal use.
  • Product catalogs and operation manuals are downloadable only for personal use and do not infer a transfer of rights owned by Fujiiryoki.
  • The e-mails sent to customers by Fujiriyoki cannot be reprinted or used for other purposes and their copyrights belong to Fujiiryoki.

Concerning the use of this website (disclaimer)

  • The content of this website including the data, nor the links related to it are in no way guaranteed We will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from the use of data from this website.
  • Regarding links, we do not guarantee the content of the source websites.
  • The content of this website may be changed, or its operation suspended without advance notice.

​Governing Law, Jurisdiction

  • Unless otherwise provided for, the governing law of this website and its use, as well as the interpretation of its terms of use, will be Indian law.
  • Unless otherwise provided for, the Ahmedabad district court will be the court of jurisdiction for any disputes relating to this website.