Think Beyond Just Purification!!

Water is important for our body and health, but we don’t care about how good & safe it is. We should, but we don’t.

Normally we consider just TDS. We need to think about other things that affect water quality and ultimately our health.
Opposite to popular belief only a low TDS value doesn’t guarantee purity of water, nor does a high TDS value indicate impurity. We must look beyond TDS and consider other essential factors that contribute to water quality and health benefits. Like pH of the water? Is it acidic? What is the ORP it means is it corrosive or not,  is it Negative or positive ORP? Is there dissolved hydrogen to give me antioxidant benefits? Does it have Intact essential minerals or not?

When we consider only TDS as determining drinking water quality, then we miss out on these important questions. We should think about more than just purification. It’s time to redefine the quality standards of safe drinking water. We should think beyond just purification.

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An average water purifier in India generates drinking water with below properties:

  • TDS lower than 100 PPM.
  • Acidic In Nature
  • More corrosive due to positive ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
  • Deficit of essential Minerals like magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, and B12
  • May contain impurities like chlorine as by product, carbonates, and pesticides etc.

Effects of R.O. water and Unhealthy Lifestyle with unhealthy eating habits

When we combine the effects of our drinking water with an unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits, the consequences can be detrimental to our bodies. RO water, stripped of essential minerals, becomes acidic in nature. This acidity can disrupt our body’s natural pH balance, leading to digestive issues, weakened immunity, and potential mineral deficiencies.

Moreover, an unhealthy lifestyle characterized by processed foods, excessive sugar intake, and lack of physical activity can further exacerbate these problems. The combination of acidic water and an unhealthy lifestyle creates an environment where our bodies may accumulate harmful toxins, store bad fats, and become more susceptible to oxidative stress. This can result in various health issues, including fatigue, inflammation, weakened bones, and compromised overall well-being.

To secure your health and protect your family, prioritize drinking water with the following properties.

  •  TDS in between 100 to 170 PPM
  • Free of contamination including chlorine by product, carbonates, pesticides, etc
  • Alkaline in Nature (within consumable limit for Human:7.5pH~ 9.5 pH)
  •  More antioxidants due to the presence of dissolved hydrogen and negative ORP
  • Full of Essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc.
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“FUJIIRYOKI” is a Global brand By, Fuji Medical Instruments mfg. Co., Ltd, Japan Since 1954 is Known for its expertise in medical device manufacturing and understands the essential factors for maintaining a healthy body and enhancing overall well-being. To ensure the same, they have developed innovative products such as medical massage chairs, deep therapy instruments, alkaline water ionizers and fitness machines.

FUJIIRYOKI Ionizer offers a pH range of 2.5 to 10.5, allowing you to select from 11 options, while 7 options are suitable for drinking, the remaining 4 options are non-drinking for other usages. It can generate a maximum ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of -850 mv and hydrogen concentration of up to 1300 ppb. With a strong reputation as a leading brand in medical devices, Fujiiryoki prioritizes superior Japanese build quality and advance technology to deliver the safest and most reliable hydrogen plus alkaline water ionizer.

The Ultimate Solution !!

hydrogen plus alkaline water ionizer made in japan

  • The patented electrode plates accurately generate pH within consumable limits, ensuring the water remains safe for drinking.
  • Powered by the advanced SH-2.0 Chipset, the ionizer provides various useful functions.
  • The H²+ Function increases the amount of dissolved hydrogen.
  • While the smart Memory function ensures consistent access to safe drinkable water for your family.
  • The Auto pH Control Function prevents the water from exceeding consumable limits.
  • Furthermore, the auto-cleaning system prevents scale deposits or calcium buildup on the electrode plates, it extending the lifespan up to 25 years.
  • To address specific local contamination concerns, FUJIIRYOKI, INDIA provides a customized pre-filtration system with every ionizer, offering peace of mind to customers.
  • Additionally, their strong and extensive all-India service network with more than 2100 technicians onboard ensures prompt assistance within 24 hours right at your doorstep.

Embrace the change!!


Smoothens Gastrointestinal Functions
Cleanses Colon Movements
Combats Stomach Ailments
Enhances Metabolism
Gastrointestinal Functions
Improved Digestion.


Electrolyte Balance: Maintains proper hydration.
Purified Water
Manages Blood-Sugar Levels
Strong Alkaline
Better Nutrient Absorption.
Helps to Maintain Healthy Heart.
Increases Bone Strength


(Molecular Hydrogen)

Improved Brain
Cognitive Support, Improved Brain Functioning
Powerful Antioxidant, Remove Free radicals.
Enhanced Hydration, Increased water absorption.
Anti-Inflammatory, Reduce body Inflammation.
Reduces Body Fat & Faster Healing.

Negative ORP

(Oxidation Reduction Potential)

Anti-Aging, Slows Down Ageing Process,
Cellular Protection, Reduce Oxidative Stress.
Boosts Immunity and Energy
Prevents Hair Loss
Highly Detoxifying.


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