Water, a unique solvent, is the essence of life, and survival without water is impossible. A fact known to many – our bodies are 70% water, and to live a fit and healthy life we rely on water. Water is the most crucial factor in the existence of human life. There are different types of water having different origins, forms and purifying methods. Here is a water guide for exploring varied drinking options which you have never heard about.

Let us look at some common types of water, understand what each type is referring to and if it is safe for consumption. 

Spring water

Spring water, as the name implies, comes directly from large underground water deposits. It does not pass through a community water system yet is considered safe to drink as it comes from a natural resource. Spring water is useful in medical, cooking and drinking purpose.  

Sparkling water

Sparkling water is the one, which not all of us are aware of. Sparkling water when goes through carbonation creates fizz in water the same as in soda. It is a healthier version of soda, which helps in treating indigestion. When you add carbon dioxide to spring, purified, or mineral water, it converts to sparkling water. 

Distilled water

When water is boiled into steam and then condensed back to the liquid state, it loses all the minerals and salt; this is the distillation process. Distilled water, is the purest form of water but cannot be used for drinking as it is devoid of all essential minerals and salt. It can be used in medical facilities and laboratories considering its distinct purity.

Alkaline ionized water

Alkaline water refers to water with a high pH value. pH value measures how much acidic or alkaline substance is. Water with pH value from 0 to 7 will be acidic water, and with the value from 7 to 14 will be alkaline water. The pH value of normal water is 7, which is neutral.

Alkaline water is ionized, which means pH values are increased by removing all the impurities and including all the essential minerals. Alkaline water is more suited for the body as it neutralizes the acid in the body, which helps in anti-ageing and prevention of cancer.

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Along with pH value and required minerals, the negative ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) value of the alkaline water is also vital. You can use The Alkaline Water Ionizer to balance the pH level of drinking water.

Purified water

Water, after coming from its source undergoes a purification process in the plant. The purifying of water involves removing all bacteria, impurities and contaminants; which makes it suitable for drinking. It is advisable to choose the electrolytic hydrogen generator of Fujiiryoki which purifies the water and provides with a lot of health benefits.

Acidic water

As mentioned above, acidic water is the one with a pH value from 0 to 7. Water can become acidic due to many reasons like rain, tree roots, rock formations, etc. and often due to industrial pollution. Acidic water is not recommended for drinking, as it has negative consequences on health such as, bad for teeth and bones. The benefits of acidic water are to treat inflammation of the skin, maintain pH of hair and scalp and cleaning of fruits and vegetables.

Sanitized water

For cleaning and disinfecting furniture of your home, you should use sanitized water. Hygiene holds utmost importance in leading a healthy life. For living in a healthy environment, you should clean your furniture with sanitized water from the Alkaline Water Ionizer. Sanitized water from Alkaline Water Ionizer has a pH value of 2.5.

With 65+ years of experience, Fujiiryoki has been a global leader in lifestyle appliances. Since 1954, the brand has evolved by innovating health and lifestyle products like multi-purpose Alkaline Water Ionizer, providing with majority health benefits. With multiple water purification solutions available in the market, make a smart choice by opting for the one providing water, which is hydrogen-rich. Our Electrolytic Hydrogen Water Generator is an Alkaline Water Ionizer that has two varieties of products- HWP-55 and a recently launched HWP-77, removes all impurities and generates alkaline, acidic, purified and sanitized water altogether, in a single generator.

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