Japanese alkaline water ionizer machine
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It’s more than a water purifier.
It’s a wellness appliance for your family.

The Electrolytic Hydrogen Water Generator (Alkaline Water Ionizer) from Fujiiryoki, Japan. it’s an advanced Medical grade drinking water solution. It purify the water as per JIS JAPAN standards by removing 20 types of impurities.
It goes beyond purifying.
it makes the most suitable drinking water by electrolysis & Ionization process. This turns normal water into alkaline ionized water. by increasing pH and dissolved Hydrogen up to 1300 ppb and making it antioxidant. In simple terms, it turns the water into safe, hydrogen-rich, anti-oxidant water. this water is much healthier and safer than normal filtered water.
For more than 65 years, FUJIIRYOKI, by Fuji Medical Instruments Mfg. Co., Ltd. Japan has been the front-runner in this technology. Fujiiryoki offers wholesome lifestyle products by delivering consistent innovation to families across boundaries.

Domain Expertise, Since 1989!!


A global leader in lifestyle & Health appliances, since 1954. Fujiiryoki is the pioneer of medical massage chairs & now it become the World’s No#1 brand in Medical massage chairs.
Since then, Fuji Medical Instruments Mfg Co, Ltd has contributed to making customer’s life better by innovating health and lifestyle-enhancing products, such as electrolytic hydrogen water generators (Alkaline Water Ionizer).
Over 65 Years of experience in the industry. Fujiiryoki has gained trust for its world-class products with Japanese Engineering & Technological innovation.
By bringing these standards of excellence to India, we create the opportunity for you to enjoy the same functionality now at your home.
We have spent our valuable time and effort putting our products under the strict Japanese quality testing procedures to ensure that they exceed all performance standards and meet every possible technical parameter.

The purest form of water, as natural as it can get!

Smart water filtration ability removes 20 substances with Intact Natural Minerals. Remove JIS JAPAN controlled standard of 17 +3 substances.

*1-①-Free residual chlorine ②-Turbidity ③-Chloroform
④-Bromodichloromethane ⑤-Dibromochloromethane ⑥-Bromoform
⑦-Tetrachloroethylene ⑧-Trichlorethylene ⑨-Total trihalomethane
⑩-(Pesticide) CAT ⑪-(Mold smell) 2-MIB ⑫-Soluble lead ⑬-Geosmin ⑭-Anionic surfactant ⑮-Phenols ⑯-benzene ⑰-Cis, trans 1.2 trichloroethylene.
*2-①-Iron (particulate iron) ②-Aluminium (neutral) ③-Carbon tetrachloride.

The quality of living and the overall wellness of the human race was very well managed by the consumption of naturally appearing Pure water.
Fujiiryoki brings the same level of freshness and wholesomeness to your homes through world-renowned technology.

Bring the change
to everyone in the family!

Fujiiryoki brings the latest Japanese innovation to your homes as a Health appliance for your family.
Fujiiryoki’s Premium models with the most advanced technology let you choose from 11 types of water with different pH and Hydrogen levels. each offering many health benefits to everyone in the family.
Enjoy the benefits of an efficient and premium range of  Japanese appliances that give your family a fresh, healthy, and clean lifestyle!

Embrace the change with Fujiiryoki!

Trust in the expertise of Japanese engineering!!

The purest water Japanese Safety Standards!!

Microchip-controlled water quality

Peace of mind in terms of Maintenance!

Match with your SELECTION CRITERIA!!

To a longer life.
For better health.

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Hydrogen Plus Alkaline Dual Action

Pan India Service Network


Latest SH-2.0 Chipset

Dual Electrolyzer

Platinum-coated electrode plates

Auto pH Control

Removes 20 Impurities

Smart Auto Cleaning

legacy of Fuji medical Japan since 1954!

Made In Japan Product at Competitive Price!

The Japanese Craftsmanship! Easy to Install-Easy to Use!

HWP-77 Installation

HWP-55 Installation

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