For a fact, alkaline water can hydrate better than normal water. It helps in delivering vitamins and minerals to your any part of your body efficiently – even to your scalp.

Maintaining the right pH value of the hair and also the scalp is important for the general health of hair. The slight acidic level in the water prevents fungal and bacterial growth in hair and scalp and keeps the cuticles closed and healthy. It works the same as the skin on your face, the scalp sheds dead skin cells and it is covered in a very film of hair products and silicon from years of build-up. Scalp must be treated with target exfoliation and balancing pH. Which can be done by adopting Alkaline water.

Simply by consuming water which contains a high pH above 7, it will help you to curb the stripping of your naturally acidic sebum that fights the microbial growth. Oxidative damages result in hair-loss while the antioxidant properties of alkaline water help flush out free radicals that cause this process. Modern problems require modern solutions, not modern chemicals. Take control of your hair-loss situation by simply adopting alkaline water!

Protect your Hair from Grease or Dryness

Our skin is that the largest organ within the body and our scalp could be a part of it. The hydrating benefits of alkaline water can promote a healthy scalp which helps in having strong and healthier hair!

Introducing the alkaline water ionizer!

A quintessential health and lifestyle appliance from Japan which generates 4 types of water bringing the everyday health wellness at your fingertip.

  1. Alkaline ionized water
  2. Purified water
  3. Acidic water
  4. Sanitized water

An advanced and high-efficiency electrolytic tank – Japanese patent

The electrolytic tank of the HWP-55 is that the core machinery of the appliance that creates it one in every of the foremost advanced water purification solutions. Five electrodes and a high-efficiency electrolytic tank is installed. By restricting the quantity of wastewater while maintaining the industry’s largest-level delivery water amount, attaining high levels of dissolved hydrogen is formed possible. Advanced high-efficiency double electrolyzer.

Electrolytic Tank

Advanced high-efficiency double electrolyzer

The HWP-77 features smart water filtration ability and 10 electric plates that generate electrolyzed water with rich hydrogen. the merchandise is upgraded with basic 5 plates and newly developed 5 more plates of hydrogen electrolyzer. It generates better alkaline water which contains 1300ppb* of dissolved hydrogen.

The global leader you can trust!

A global leader in lifestyle appliances, Fujiiryoki has contributed immensely towards customers’ various changing needs by innovating health and lifestyle-enhancing products like the Alkaline Water Ionizer. With over 6 decades of experience within the industry, Fujiiryoki has gained trust everywhere around the globe for its world-class products with futuristic functionalities.

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