The current Coronavirus pandemic has left everyone trying to find answers regarding health concern. While the world struggles to search out a medicinal solution, it’s clearer that we must specialise in boosting our immunity – a seemingly simple yet one among the foremost effective preventive solutions against any infection or flu. While superfoods and supplements which will boost our system are necessary, what we generally miss considering is perhaps the foremost essential a part of our day-to-day existence – Alkaline Water.

Is alkaline water better than normal drinking water?

While consumers generally became more health-conscious over the years, many of them are still not aware of the water they drink daily is appropriate consumption. Majority of the households seem to be satisfied with a straightforward Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier in their homes, which successively, drains water of the many minerals that are essential for the body, lowers its pH and thus produces water that’s unfit for drinking. The solution lies in relooking at water purification in its entirety.

To be more precise, it’s time to believe that alkaline water is a big step towards boosting the system.

Alkaline water helps boost immunity and enhances hydration. When introduced within the body neutralises the acidic toxins (which minimises our efficiency) present within the body. Alkaline water is well absorbed within the body allows for a more efficient system of flushing the toxins out of the body. Alkaline water is additionally known to boost the performance of one’s cardiovascular system, which implies better blood quality and more oxygen to vital organs. Additionally, drinking alkaline water or washing your face with it reduces the aging process. Consuming alkaline water as against regular water after a strenuous workout is extremely beneficial.

How subcontinents with warmer climate like India can benefit from Alkaline water?

Alkaline water is fortified with a spread of essential minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and trace elements like copper, zinc, etc. that are essential for maintaining the body’s metabolism. Drinking alkalised water enhances hydration, improves equilibrium, and exercise performance. people that drink alkaline water claim that it provides greater hydration than regular water.

In India, many of us suffer from dehydration, especially so in Summers. Drinking alkaline water is a good way to keep your body well hydrated. There are many other known benefits of drinking alkaline water, like stronger bones and weight loss.

The Fujiiryoki – Alkaline water ionizer

The machine purifies normal water and then electrolyzes it. Through this process, alkaline water is generated at the negative electrode and acidic water at the positive electrode.

Futuristic Mechanism

Generates 4 types of water

Along with Alkaline ionized Water, the HWP-55 also generates Purified, Acidic and Sanitised Water.

Types of water

10 types of distinct and selectable waters

Avail 10 types of selectable waters by pressing the ‘H2’ button with the set pH value.

Strong alkaline hydrogen water pH 10.5
Alkaline Hydrogen water 3: pH 9.5 Hydrogen Plus
Alkaline Hydrogen water 3 pH 9.5
Alkaline Hydrogen water 2 pH 9.0 Hydrogen Plus
Alkaline Hydrogen water 2 pH 9.0
Alkaline Hydrogen water 1 pH 8.5 Hydrogen Plus
Alkaline Hydrogen water 1 pH 8.5
Purified water
Acidic water pH 5.5
Sanitized water pH 2.5
10 Types Waters

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